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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Catering to Women Empowerment

Trishul NGO bags its first corporate order. A small start to hopefully a big leap forward for these women.

Few of the bakery items baked by our Women while training as interns at Marriott 

One of our empowered Chef's - Chanda Vyas from Trishul Women Empowerment Team

Work in progress

Chocolate Cake ready as per order

Few of the bulk custom orders we take:

Different types of Farsan
Snacks like: Samosa, Vada, Dosas, Idle etc.
Bakery Menu (Cakes, Rolls and more)
Different type of Tawa Paranthas 
Orders for sweet dishes like Shera, Puran Poli, Modaks etc. 
Authentic Rural menu items (Bahkri, Chicken Curry or Masala, Pitla, Thecha etc).

Connect with us for custom orders:
9619182010 / 9821694994

Please share with your friends with may be interested in help the cause and also enjoy home cooked food by these empowered women. 

Also visit us at: