Disaster Management Program

What to do in case of:
Floods; Fire; Earth Quakes; Tsunami; Stroke; Heart Attack; Fractures; Poison; Snake Bites and more...

Our primary objective of Disaster and Emergency Management Program is to develop community-based awareness workshops that educate and prepare the community members to face challenges when scenarios like natural or man-made disasters or emergency situation happen.

Disaster Management Cell - a Community Based Disaster Risk Management Program to organize people in the community for disaster preparedness, therefore, we are coming up with a training course in Disaster Management. The purpose of the course is to build the capacity of community groups to handle any disasters effectively and to save lives of maximum people at the time of disasters by initiating support activities. A step right step towards Individual Social Responsibility.

The scope of different Program modules:
1) Basic first aid and life-saving techniques.
2) Basic DisastersCauses-effects, Does and Don’ts during disasterPlanning, Utilization of resources, Logistics and General Principals of disaster Management Session
3) Injuries to Bones and Triangular bandagesSession
4) First Aid IFirst Aid BoxWounds and BleedingBurns and FireSession 4 First Aid IIPoisonBreathing ProblemsShockSession

A comprehensive multi-day workshop will have written; practical exams and a project work.

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