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Friday, May 15, 2020

Inter NGO Dance competition 2020

Children of Trishul participated in the Inter Ngo Dance Competition held at NMIMS
The students had prepared two traditional dance which were beautifully performed.

A girl group of Trishul presented Hojagiri dance

Hodaigri (Hojagiri) Folk Dance:

Hodaigri (Hojagiri) is a folk dance, performed in the state of Tripura, by the Bru (Reang) people. It is performed by a team of women and young girls, singing, balancing props such as a bottle on the head, plates or lamps on the hand etc. while only the lower half of the body is moved.
The dance is performed on the occasion of Hojagiri festivals or Laxmi Puja, held in the following full moon night of Durga Puja. generally after 3rd day of Dashera. The Goddess Mailuma, (Laxmi) is worshipped on this day.
The male members participate in singing the lyrics, playing the Kham and Kshumu.

Also required for the dance are, a BAILING, a pitcher, bottle, traditional lamp, a plain dish; handkerchief etc.

One has to undergo an extensive training and rehearsal for slow hip and waist maneuvering. The whole of the Huk or Jhum cultivation is exhibited through this dance. 

The second dance was Mawli Dance.

Dindi Dance (Mauli) by children of Trishul NGO

Warkari sect is a community within the Bhakti spiritual tradition of Vaishnav Hindus, within the state of Maharashtra. Warkaris worship Vitthal, also know as Vothobha, the presiding deity of Pandharpur in the month of Aashadh. These Warkaris sing hymns and dance while going to the pilgrimage of Pandharpur, The pandharpur waris carry palkhis and paduka (foot prints) with them. This tradition of Pandharpur pilgrimage is more than 700 to 800 years old.