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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Products - Designer Dress with Sofia College

Students volunteers of SOPHIA POLYTECHNIC studying in third year of DRESS DESIGNING & GARMENT MANUFACTURING DEPARTMENT. They had to work with an NGO to prepare a designer dress along with Women Empowerment Team of Artisans for a fashion show in september 2019. They had to work in groups for the show to promote one ARTFORM in their collection .

Team of Girls worked on DRAWN THREAD EMBROIDERY for this project as an artform. DRAWN THREAD EMBROIDERY was found in ITALY in 16th century. It is an form of counted thread embroidery based on removing weft or/ and wrap of a piece of even weave fabric. The remaining threads are bundled or grouped together into a variety of pattern. The more elaborate styles of drawn thread work use a variety of stitches and technique.

In a Collaborative effort between Team of Girls from Sophia Polytechnic and TWEP (Trishul NGO Women Empowerment Team) The Designer Dress with DRAWN THREAD EMBROIDERY STITCHES was ready in time for the Event.

Scroll down to check out the snap shot of video from the fashion show.

Delicately hand crafted by Empowered Women @Trishul_NGO

Sales proceeds of our carefully crafted products ensure a steady source of income for the women involved. As Trishul extends the training and support to more and more women, we hope to better the lives of multitudes of families, as empowering a woman means empowering a family.