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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Maushi - Vandana Parbale - Women Empowerment


We At TRISHUL believe that Empowering a WOMAN empowers the whole family which in turn empowers the whole community and Nation.

So for one week leading to Women's Day, we will introduce you all to the ladies of the TRISHUL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT TEAM ...


Today we start with Vandana Maushi...

Vandana Parable, fondly called Maushi, the senior-most member of our women's team originally from Ratnagiri, residing in Mumbai for 10 years and associated with Trishul since 6 years. She's kind and humble, whose experience adds value to the center. A skilled artisan in stitching, embroidery, and painting. According to her Trishul has given her the confidence to face every situation in life and financial independence. Trishul is her second home especially after the marriage of her children and the loss of her life partner. MORE POWER TO HER.

Maushi, a picture of concentration in this frame.

Maushi has the same level of enthusiasm for learning new things that a child shows during learning their favorite subject or activity. The picture was clicked during an advanced stitching workshop.

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