About Trishul

Trishul (NGO) is a Registered Charitable Organization (Non-Profit) working towards building self-sustainable communities through skill development, education, and livelihood programs in urban slums and economically weak rural villages in India. Core programs focus on Empowering Women through skill development and Empowering Girl Child and children through education, scholarships, and mentoring. We also support Women and Children through Health and Nutrition Programs. 

Trishul NGO as conducts workshops and Programs on POSH; Disaster Management; Team Building and Entrepreneurship etc. 

Environment Conservation through Up-cycle, Tree Plantation, Cleaning Forest Trails (Swachata Abhiyan), and Afforestation Projects.

Over the last two decades, we have impacted and helped improve the quality of life for more than 50,000 families in the surrounding areas via several projects like Trishul Women Empowerment Program; Trishul Learning Centre; BMC Dattakbasti Program (hygiene and sanitation, waste management, etc), education, health, and nutrition, disaster management, youth empowerment and environment conservation.

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To create an environment that develops and nurtures self-sustainable communities in urban  slums and economically backward rural villages with a primary focus on women,  children and environment conservation.


Skill Development

Empower Women from Urban Slums and Economically Weaker communities from rural villages through skill development and capability development

Livelihood Generation

Assist women in livelihood generation and improving quality of life.


Impart knowledge and life skills to empower girl child/children from Urban Slums and economically weaker Rural Communities through holistic learning programs, value education, and scholarship programs for students. 

Youth Empowerment

Empower Youth from economically weaker rural villages and urban slums through skill development; livelihood generation from rural and heritage tourism and atmanirbhar programs. 

Developing Rural Economy Through Rural Tourism

Developing Rural tourism through a wide variety of country experience' which encompasses a wide range of attractions and activities that take place in agricultural or non-urban areas. Tourism events have been found to increase business, income, and employment in the region and are seen to assist with social and economic development.

Disaster Management

Prepare citizen groups to be proactively ready for disaster management through workshops and proactive programs. 

Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition Programs from Women and Children from economically less privileged communities. 

Environment Conservation 

Environment Conservation through Up-cycle, Tree Plantation Programs, Cleaning Forest Trails (swachata Abhiyan), and afforestation projects. 


  • Registration as Charitable Society Maharashtra/1368/1996/GBBSD
  • Date of reg. – 17/10/1996 State where registered Maharashtra
  • Registration under societies registration act 1860
  • Registration as Charitable Trust Registration number F/19282 (Mumbai)    Date of reg. - 04/08/1997 Registration under Bombay public trust act 1950
  • Income Tax Permanent Account No. (ITPAN) - AABTT3316K 
  • Registration–12AA (l)(b) w.e.f. 1.4.2007
  • 80 G Registration No – 41635
  • NGO DARPAN ID: MH/2017/0172650
  • CSR Registration No.: CSR00007260


Experience and Expertise in following programs

Trishul Learning Center (Education)
Trishul Women Empowerment Program 
Trishul Skill Development and Livelihood Generation Program
Community Development (Urban Slums and Rural Villages)
Disaster Management Program via Workshops
Environment Conservation (Tree Plantation; Afforestation and Up-cycle)
Health and Nutrition Programs for Children and Women

Few of credential letters and certificates
·         BMC - Head Office (from Chairman Standing Committee)
·         BMC - Certificates Pulse Polio
·         Mantrayala - Letter of reference for work done to support effected girls from Jalgaon Scandal
·         Shri. Baldeo Khosa (MLA)(Reference letter)
·         Shri. Bala Amberkar (BMC Corporator)(Reference letter - for work at Yari Road slums)
·         Shri. Arun Deo - Reference Letter for resettlement of 18 huts at Nehru Nagar
·         Mayor of Mumbai - Women Empowerment Project
·         Nehru Nagar Slum Committee (reference letter)
·         Rotary Club (Joint Project Medical Camp and Free Spectacle Donations)
·         Rotary Club (Reference letter )
·         Nirmala Niketan - Socioeconomic Study at Nehru Nagar
·         Akanksha - Reference Letter

Link to our profile: https://goo.gl/Hahkfa

Link to our presentation: https://goo.gl/eii3lS