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Monday, August 19, 2013

Model Village

Model Wadi.. A Concept based on Self Sustainable Ancient Indian Village.. By Children at Trishul Learning Center.

Model made from Waste Material.

Model Village made out of Waste Material like Waste "Paper, Cloth, Bottles, Plastic, Foam, Ice Cream Sticks, Card Board, etc)..

Model Wadi project is based on traditional ancient village concept. Every village was an independent and self sustainable community. It had farmers, craftsmen, technicians, architects, engineers, healers, traders, merchants, sports, games, carnivals; it was a culturally rich community. Indian handicraft, spices, gems, gold all were world renowned and Indian village and country economy was thriving through this decentralized yet united economy. It was period of Golden Economy in India.
A modern version “Model Wadi” or “Model Village” takes most of the above ideas plus addresses the current environment issues through sustainable ideas like tapping eco-friendly energy from solar, wind mills and bio gas; recycle wet waste to compost, recycle and up-cycle most of the dry waste, create and encourage more handicraft skills, create entrepreneurs through women empowerment project, encourage sports and create employment opportunity for the youth through youth empowerment project etc.