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Friday, March 19, 2021

Helping with Education


Trishul NGO Supports the Education of the marginalized slum children.

With just Rs. 500 A child can manage to study online uninterruptedly for 90 days in this lockdown period.

Simple Steps to contribute:
1. Open your GooglePay app
2. Scan the QR Code or type UPI ID: 9082011093@okbizaxis or type mobile no.: 9082011093
3. Enter Amount Rs. 500/-
4. Enter your PIN & Pay

You can reach us at:
WhatsApp / Mob. No. 9619182010/ 9821694994

Your small funding will go a long way.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021


 Trishul NGO organized FOOD AND GROCERY DURING PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN a few sharing few pictures of the same given below.

COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented time in history that requires all of humanity to do its best in order to overcome the crisis we face. This devastating global pandemic has affected us all in some way or the other but for those without a regular fixed income, it is even more life-threatening.  Children, Women, Elders in a family of Daily Wage Workers; staying in small homes in congested slums are among the most vulnerable and they are particularly at risk during this time.

Trishul has been transforming slums Children and Women into valuable members of society since 1996. We now want to ensure that the children and women involved in our empowerment and education programs, whether at our center or with their families have access to food during these trying times. 

Your donation or support to this fund will help the people who are hit the hardest, our daily wage earners. We have managed with one donation of 550 rupees is the equivalent to 2 weeks of ration to a family of four for your daba walas, drivers, maids, porters, helpers, peons etc. Your contribution of mere 550 rupees is life-changing for them.