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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Studio Pottery 2019

Studio Pottery (Basics of Studio Pottery, Mask Making and Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol)
Studio Pottery one messy activity and all about digging your hands in dirt and clay... all the more children enjoy it a lot. 
Its a art which encourages imagination and creativity in each and every child.
We had 2 session of Studio Pottery in the year 2019...the children love it.

The first session was conducted around Ganesh Chaturti, so We decided to create Eco- friendly Ganesha.Students created a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha. We provided them with some seeds of different plants to put inside idol so that it grows into a plant.

The other session was a mask session ,which children enjoyed a lot.

Top Benefits of Taking a Pottery Class for Children

The Soothing Qualities of Clay. Clay can captivate a child's interest for hours, and it has a calming effect.
Improving Creativity.
Improving Motor Skills.
Improving Sensory Development.
Improving Self-esteem.
Learning to Solve Problems in a Safe Setting.