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Eco-Holidays - Treks; Camping; Rural Tourism; Nature Trails; White Water Rafting; Kayaking; Exploring Forts; Kayaking; Scuba Diving; Rock Climbing; Rappelling; Valley Crossing; Jumaring; Caving; Wild Life Safaris; Himalayan Safaris; Cycling Trips etc.
You can take a membership to avail eco-holidays.
Membership is free as entire membership fee goes as donation made for "Adventure and Holidays" for a cause.
Annual membership - Rs.500/-
Two Years Membership - Rs.900/-Three Years Membership - Rs.1700/-Five Years Membership: - Rs.2,200/-.
Treks in Maharashtra 
Camping in Maharashtra (In camping discount would be on camping fee; not on added items to the package)
White Water Rafting in Maharashtra
Safari in Ladakh
Safari in Sikkim

Locations for Eco-holidays: