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Sunday, April 8, 2018

ISR by COOP HSG from Kandivali

Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) - Youth from a humble Cooperative Housing Society get-togather to execute a noble act of Philanthropy. 

A group of Youth, mostly teenagers supported by their family go-together for a good cause. Collected waste from all society members and neighborhood like newspapers, old bottles, plastic items etc. The money raised from the sale of waste was used to buy some food items for Children's at Trishul Learning Centre, few toys, stationery and also there was a small party for the children.

A great initiative, it served the cause of helping and sharing happiness with children's from slums of Mumbai at the same time it also helped in recycling of waste.

Three cheers to the Cooperative Society from Kandivali. Will shortly share few names of volunteers and also name of the CSH.

Initiated by Manthan Balia, (Shree Ram Apartments, S. V. Road, Kandivali (West), Mumbai).

Collection of toys, stationery donated to children

For Volunteering initiatives, CSR, ISR, Donation for Charity get in touch with Trishul NGO (TrishulNGO) / 91-9619182010